ACREMAC – Africa Credit Management Assurances Consulting

Presentation of Acremac

ACREMAC offers businesses of all sizes and in all sectors of activity consulting, training and operational assistance services in the field of Credit Management .

Through its teams ACREMAC accumulates more than 20 years of experience in Customer Care and carries out several missions of optimization of organizations, improvement of processes and setting up of information system .

Our areas of expertise

The desire of our firm is to help you INCREASE, LAST and SECURE your turnover.
Our products and services are accessible independently of each other or in the form of integrated processing.
• Protection against the risk of non-payment
debt financing and other assets
• The bond and the guarantee
economic and financial information
• The debt collection

Discover our range of services

Our range PERFECT meets many business needs.

Our values

We meet exactly your needs.
The best solutions are always personalized. This is why ACREMAC masters all the management, security and financing techniques of the current clients.
We accelerate your performance.
• The quality of our services is based on recognized expertise.
So we allow:
• Large companies to optimize their organizations and their performances,
• SMEs to have flexible and responsive operational support, adapted to their structure.

We help you to save money.
Depending on your financial and commercial stakes, we help you to:
• improve your cash flow by reducing your customers’ actual payment times
protect your margins by reducing your credit losses,
optimize your organization and your tools for managing outstanding clients

The situation of VSEs and SMEs in West and Central Africa.

Today, being a leader of a small or medium business in Africa is not an affordable or soothing task:
Competition is getting tougher in all markets
• Revenue and margins are barely changing
• So, cash is tight and companies are looking for solutions to meet their deadlines
• Banks, by the ratios imposed on them, lend less and with very difficult conditions
• In fact the solvency of companies is to analyze carefully as generating risks of unpaid

Result of this situation according to Euler Hermes: more than 16% business failures in 2016 and will increase by 9% according to estimates

Risks for VSEs / SMEs

There is a risk on both the client side (with the cash and unpaid impact) only on the vendor side (with the risk of default) a key supplier on production).
For 5 years, and the appearance of various frauds (internal or external) leads Financial Departments to complete the prevention tools with Compliance procedures.
Faced with this environment, ACREMAC brings a range of solutions to address all the issues.

Business cases

What ACREMAC brings you everyday: perfecting and making your organization profitable …

Marketing and economic watch

• Local, national and international market target
• Brothers
• Customers

Business Development

• Identification of new prospects
• Better knowledge of your field
• Better positioning against your competitors

Classical insurance and credit counseling

• Find the insurer that best fits your needs
• Save you time and money
• Make a consistent offer between your different insurances
• Have a contract negotiated to your measure
• Defend your interests after the subscription of the contract

Manage your default risk, improve your cash flow

• Anticipation of risks
• Reminders process
• Recovery process
• Insurance and indemnification policy
• Financing factors or banks

Truly act on your results

• Comparison of your current contracts
• Proposal of new suppliers (central purchasing customers)
• Make appointments for your sales representatives
• Improve and make profitable your organization

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