All the information on companies to prevent unpaid customers, secure their purchases, develop their markets

Over 200,000 company reports in West and Central Africa to assess the reliability of your customers, suppliers and partners.

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Service exclusively reserved for businesses, guaranteeing 100% confidentiality.

Solvency report

Quickly assess the financial health of your business partners, customers, prospects or suppliers, using our reports


Kyc and Due Diligence

We offer a full range of KYC and customer due diligence services


Risk management

We act as your agent, using our expertise and knowledge of the market.


Our areas of expertise

Our aim is to help you to INCREASE, PERENIZE and SECURE your turnover.

Our products and services can be accessed independently or as part of an integrated package.

Protection against the risk of non-payment

Financing receivables and other assets

Surety bonds and guarantees

Economic and financial information

Debt collection


Use our automatic XML data integration services to instantly and securely integrate our reports into your systems

Connect to our API for faster and more transparent delivery of report data


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Corporate customers

Debt collection

How can you avoid non-payment and late payment in Africa or abroad?

Your customers are companies and some of them do not pay you: use our BtoB invoice collection service.

Commission linked to the success of our actions.

Sector report

What does an ACREMAC Sector Report contain ?

The ACREMAC Sectoral Report gives you a quick, comprehensive view of the evolution of the actors and the prospects of a sector of activities. It helps you analyze a particular industry in detail.

Macroeconomic analysis of the sector of activity

Structure and mapping of market participants

Industry performance and disaster

Graphical illustration of key figures and trends

SWOT analysis of the industry

Review and outlook

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